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Who the hell do we think we are?

One crazy night we were all hanging out, getting a little crazy (as usual) when we decided to form a band. Musical endeavours in the recent past had been missing something for the four friends, rootsie tootsie von bon fruitsie, rowan, medeine and kegs.

All four had performed, the android sisters with an upside down accordian and a whole lot of angst, rowan and meghan rocking at acoustic shows. It just wasn't what four friends who partied to blondie and belted out stiff little fingers were looking to play.

So encouraged by their overly emotional friends in the downbelows, the four girls, none of whom had ever played in a band started to plan.

"I want to play drums" declared rootsie. she was told ok.
"I don't know how to play drums" she informed them. once again it was all good.

"Rick'll teach me bass" rowan realized. you're on bass then, she was told. no choice, it doesn't matter if you already play guitar and have to go buy one. She'd always wanted to learn bass anyway.

"I think I have a guitar somewhere, if my brother hasn't taken it apart" medeine piped in. he had taken it apart, lost pieces and forgotten it in a closet. she was forced to retrieve it anyway.

"I can sober up enough to sing." kegs promised. the rest of them were kind of dubious about this one point, but they decided it might happen.

So in february of 2004 they met up in the rehersal factory and stared at the walls. A catchy cranberries tune with only four chords got them playing in time with each other and eventually they were good enough to debut at a party in kensington market with bunchofuckingoofs and psychoactivist. It wasn't tight, actually, it kinda sucked. They decided the only thing to do was practice, practice, practice and play no shows until they had a whole set list instead of just five songs. And now, they have ten, plus new ones in the works, and you get to hear them all!

What does MOB stand for?
Meghan's Overly Bitchy
Most Obnoxious Band
Merrily Obliterating Braincells
Mail Order Bride
Medeine's On Blow
Meghan's On Blow
Monkey Or Bush
Mange-y Old Broads
Missing Our Brains
Month Old Babies
Missiles Over Baghdad
Murdering Overweight Babies
Mud On Bum
Mickey of Booze
Mootsie Ootsie Bootsie
Move Over Britney
Manipulating Our Boyfriends
Mutilated Ostrich Brains
Monsters Orchestrating Burglaries
Money Or Booze
Mexico Or Bust
Mouthing Off Biweekly
Mooching Off Brady(????)
Malfunctioning Old Buttons
Mashing Other Bitches
Masking Our Brains
Moving Old Beds
Millions Of Bodies/Babies/Bibles...
Mission Of Burma (heehee)
Moustache or Beard?
Making Out Bravely
Mango Orange Bonanza (you know what I'm saying...)
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